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Healthy Hair Tips


Shampooing the hair is essential.
Use the "Intensive Repair Shampoo" at least every two weeks.
Pre-rinse hair before applying shampoo.
Never pour shampoo directly onto the hair.
Apply shampoo to the palm of your hand and blend first. Smooth shampoo over your hair and lather, then gently massage your scalp.
Do not scratch your scalp while shampooing.
Rinse hair thoroughly.

Condition your hair after shampooing with a high protein conditioner.
Apply Dr. Frisby's "Intensive Conditioner" to the hair and let it remain for 10 minutes.
Rinse out the Intensive Conditioner.
Dry the hair using either a hand blow dryer or chair dryer.
When blow drying, use a natural hair brush with round bristles, to gently replace the tightness of frizz with a smooth texture and shine.

To avoid dryness of the scalp and brittle hair, daily use of the Formula 432 Revitalizer will moisturize the scalp and hair.
Avoid greasy oils and creams so as not to block the pores in the scalp or create dullness in the appearance of the hair.
For lustre, added moisture and manageability, spray your hair with Dr. Frisby's "Herbal Moisture Mist," twice a day or as needed.

Hot combs are used to straighten the hair by applying pressing oil to the hair and then repeatedly combing through the hair until the hair is straight.
Avoid frequent use of the hot comb. When used with other heated styling products, hot combs can cause major damage to the hair.
Exercise caution when using hot combs to prevent hair and scalp damage.

The temperature of your curling iron should never exceed 130° F.
Do not leave the curling iron on the hair for any extended amount of time.
Never allow contact between the curling iron and your scalp.

Snarling occurs when the hair cuticles are damaged. This may occur as a result of using the wrong shampoo, harsh shampooing, vigorous towel drying and/or excessive blow-drying. Teasing hair can also cause tangling.
Always use a wide tooth comb.
Comb hair from the ends and work towards the roots.
Never force a snarl. This will only result in breakage.
Use an ample amount of conditioner before combing the hair to prevent tangles.
Trim hair regularly.

Split ends are among the most common causes of hair breakage.
At the end of the hair shaft the cuticle is often dislodged or broken away.
The cortex is then exposed and subject to drying. As a result, frayed, split ends occur, leaving the hair looking unhealthy. In addition to giving the hair a dull appearance, split ends also contribute to the hair's loss of elasticity and inability to hold a tight curl.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet along with exercising regularly are crucial steps to healthy hair.
Map out a rigorous, but brief, exercise routine to follow daily, while allocating sufficient time for relaxation.
Add Vitamin E and Vitamin C to your diet. As vital nutrients for healthy hair, they help stimulate hair growth.
Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin A to improve dry/itchy scalp.
Eats foods that are rich in Vitamin B (whole grains, peas, raw seeds and nuts, Brewer's yeast, etc.)
Emotional strain and tension can lead to normal (hormonal) imbalances, which can cause hair loss.
Eliminate excess salt.
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Avoid cigarette smoking.
Avoid animal and hydrogenated fats and refined carbohydrates (white sugar and white flour).
Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.


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